At Rockwood, your Home is the Hero. Our focus is on you, your objectives, your dreams, your expectations. You become the most important part of the Rockwood family and we often refer to that feeling as the Rockwood Experience.

Customer Focus

Our vendors and buyers are at the heart of everything we do. Rockwood is a customer-centric brand built around impeccable service and tailored solutions. A real estate transaction is not just a business deal – it is a pivotal event in people’s lives. Our clients trust us to deliver on every promise, to ensure every opportunity is pursued and to provide them with excellent advice and service. That’s what Rockwood stands for.                     


Rockwood agents can be relied upon to be straightforward, ethical and highly professional in all their dealings. The Rockwood management team have years of experience as Board Directors of not for profit charitable organisations and have served on multiple ethics and audit committees. This unique standing distinguishes the Rockwood business as an ethical leader in the industry.


At Rockwood we are supremely results-focused. Our mission is to deliver on our promises all the way through the Rockwood process – not just during the final transaction. We won’t let you down.


Our agents are highly qualified and have extensive sales, marketing and negotiation experience. We don’t simply rely on gut feel and anecdotal evidence. We are data-driven, analytical, and use fact-based decision making whenever assisting our clients.